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How To Throw A Christmas Party Everyone Will Love

22nd November 2017

In our last blog we shared our tips for planning a great event; whether you have a birthday to plan or Christmas do to sort, the blog shares our ideas on ways to keep your guests happy.

Now that Christmas is getting closer and there’s literally hundreds of Christmas parties popping up all over, let’s take a closer look at what will make your party the one everyone will love.

Put your guests first.

It’s easy to throw a party you’ll enjoy, but have you thought about what kind of Christmas party your guests want? Will they really want to sing karaoke at the top of their lungs after a long day at work? (Actually, some might …) And yeah, you might love the idea of a greasy burger and chips for dinner, but will your guests want the same?

A great Christmas party means happy guests, and that means you’ve got to go that extra mile and understand what kind of party your guests really need.

Has it been the end of a long and hard-working year? Then make this year’s party a real treat; go for a luxury location, or take everyone out to a show. What if this year has been harder than expected? Go for a more intimate location with thoughtful details like prizes for the best dressed or funniest. Or personalise the drinks by naming them after your guests. Big Bob Martini, anyone?

Stand out from the crowd.

How many Christmas parties have you been to where you know exactly what’s going to happen … because it happens the same way every year. You could set your watch by it. Why not shake up your party with something different? Hire some crazy entertainment like someone who can juggle fire … or for something less flammable; a cocktail making bar. You could always try our Green Screen Dream Machine that has over fifty different backgrounds - that’ll keep everyone entertained no matter what they’re into.

It’s all in the detail.

What if the boss won’t let you go mad with the company card for Christmas this year? In that case, go small and go clever. What details can you get creative with?

♥ Print out group photos of friends to display on tables.
♥ Print out and play bingo based on familiar phrases and events that will make people laugh.
♥ Have an ugly Christmas Jumper competition
Hire a post box to store Secret Santa gifts or cards.

Making Christmas memorable

Christmas can be a difficult time for some and an exciting time for others. You never know; the extra thought you put into your party could mean the world to others. As long as you remember what’s most important - putting a smile on your guest’s faces - your party will be the place to be this Christmas

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