Wedding Fairs: Are You Ready?

9th October 2018 Getting married? Or just curious about Wedding Fairs? Whatever your reasons for loving them (or not!) September is the start of Wedding Fair Season and the optimum time for brides, and grooms, to meet suppliers face-to-face.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer, wedding photo booth suppliers (hint hint), or even THE DRESS, Wedding Fairs are a perfect opportunity for you to see what’s available to you locally and nationally to create your ideal wedding day.

But, wait! What if Wedding Fairs fill you with dread? They can bring excitement but a big dollop of panic too; what are they like? Should I bring friends? What if I want to buy everything?

Don’t worry, we’ve been to a few fairs ourselves, and have a good idea on tips that will help you.

Be prepared

When attending a wedding fair, prepare, prepare … prepare. Yes, it's that important.

There’ll be a lot of suppliers there, and if you’re easily distracted by shiny things or food, chances are you’ll very quickly go off track.

Bring a list of products and services you’re looking for, or create a Pinterest board or mood board to refer back for when you get overwhelmed.

Bring snacks!

Do you get ‘hangry’? Can’t survive a day out with a regular supply of nibbles in your bag? Bring plenty of water and nibbles to keep your energy, and mood, up throughout the day.

‘My bridesmaids bought snacks and fed me a Malteser every time I looked overwhelmed,’ said a bride to us! Wedding Fairs aren’t for everyone so if you’re someone who dreads fairs; bring something, or someone, to keep you going.

Bring moral support

Having said that, a wedding fair can be a brilliant experience, so bring friends and family with you and make it a day out. They’ll feel involved in the planning, and you’ve got a team behind you to help you get things going and just in case you do need someone for support.

Stick to your budget

A wedding fair is an excellent place to find a deal as suppliers will be looking to secure business and will have enticing offers on show. Be strong and stick to your budget while keeping in mind what you can get away with.

There’ll be plenty of suppliers to choose from so don’t go spending everything at once.

You may also need to put a deposit down on the day if you’ve found your perfect wedding cake or dress, so be prepared to spend what you need to.


Wedding Fairs are a great way to meet other brides-to-be and share tips and ideas about planning your Big Day.

Learn how everyone else is getting on in their own planning process and see if there’s anyone who might need your help. Wedding Fairs aren’t just for suppliers to meet brides, but for brides to help other brides out!

Are you looking for ideas?

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