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Why Hiring A Photo Booth Will Boost Your Health

27th March 2018 Being healthy is important. Right? But it’s soooo hard! We’re either fighting off the flu thanks to the recent Arctic blasts, or hay fever thanks to the sunshine.

And now Easter is coming we’ll be fighting off delicious chocolatey temptations too!

Not to worry. Once you’ve indulged in all the Easter eggs you can stomach, we have the answer to putting a spring back in your step.

Hire a photo booth for your next party, and you don’t just get a great photo booth, friendly staff and crazy props … you get health benefits too!

Read on.

Improves your mood

Cheese! You gotta smile in when taking photos right?

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real smile and a fake smile. All it knows is that the smile muscles are working, and that means you’re happy.

When the brain recognises the signs of happiness (in this case a smile), it signals the release of dopamine and serotonin - ‘the happy hormones’.

These make you feel good. So, even if you’re pulling a real or a fake smile, you’ll end up feeling good no matter what!

Relieves stress

Thanks to all these happy hormones flooding your system your stress levels drop.

High levels of stress can upset almost every system in your body. From a lowered immune system, troubled sleep, poor digestion to even speeding up ageing!

The fun you’ll have in a photo booth will give your body a much-needed happiness boost and will help remind you how important it is to reduce stress.

Freedom to play

When you play, your anxiety levels reduce, you’re stress-free and your happiness goes up. There’s a reason why people love sports and competition; because there’s an element of play that we learned to love when we were children.

Do you remember how fun it was to play in the park, run with your friends or generally mess about?

A photo booth encourages the same freedom of play and fun with silly props, fun backgrounds and all without needing breaking a sweat. (Unless you want to!)

Improves relationships

Humans are social creatures by nature and need the companionship of other people to feel good.

The Harvard Medical School published an article in 2010 suggesting that being sociable is good for our health. It can lower stress levels and help the immune system.

Photo booths by their very nature encourage social interaction. So the next time you hire a photo booth, remember you’ll also be fostering new friendships and improving your guest’s health!

Happiness for lasting health

Good health relies on a mix of memorable experiences, strong social bonding and reasons to laugh and smile.

We think photo booths do just that.

Not only do they put a smile on your guest’s faces, but it’ll also put a smile on yours too.

With a choice of backgrounds to choose from, a dedicated member of staff and quick and easy delivery, a photo booth should be on your must-have list for this year. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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