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5 questions to ask when planning your event.

3rd November 2017

You’ve been asked to organise a work celebration; they want a photo booth and chocolate fountain for starters. Or you’re in charge of putting together the best party in Darlington and everyone wants fancy dress and drinking helmets.

Whatever it is, you’ve got to get it right, after all, a good night out is at stake! Here are five questions to ask yourself before you get stuck into planning the perfect event.

Why party?

Ok, silly question, but why this specific party or event, and what are its goals?

    ♥ Are you raising money because it’s a charity event?
    ♥ A wedding so it’s all about the memories?
    ♥ Is it a business launch so people need to keep coming back?

Being clear on why you’re putting it on will help focus your plans and help you achieve the main goal; making it a success.

How much cash can I splash?

No matter how much fun it is to buy loads of stuff - and let’s face it stuff is great - you need to keep an eye on the spending.

Create a budget for each part of the event and stick to it; it’ll stop problems coming up later. Always ask for a deal where you can, and only buy things that will help improve the event.

… No, a 50ft pink champagne fountain doesn’t count.

What's the plan?

Make sure these basics are sorted early on:

♥ Location - A venue with great atmosphere, is big enough and is easily accessible for everyone.
♥ Date - Be aware of bank holidays, school holidays or religious events that could clash. It also gives you a deadline!
♥ Theme - Have a theme or style in mind that will work for the event, not just because you’ve always fancied throwing a superhero-themed party for your nan’s 70th. She may not appreciate the whole pants on the outside thing …
♥ Promotion - Don’t underestimate the importance of telling people! Use social media, good old-fashioned flyers or partner up with a marketing team who can help.

What should we eat?

Food! Who doesn’t love food? #foodporn #feedme. Okay, you get the idea. Food is important, and not just for Instagram.

Speak to caterers or local businesses who can provide great food and drink that fits in with your theme. For something a bit different, why not hire a candy cart? Remember, a well-fed guest is a happy guest. (Actually, goes for most people, really.)

Who’s coming?

Great people make a great party. Ensure you’ve got these important people on your invite list:

    ♥ Guests and VIPs - Don’t forget to invite your boss out to the Christmas party, or the bride’s mum from the hen do. Nightmare!
    ♥ Staff - Hiring professional and efficient staff will help the event go smoothly. (And make you look good.)
    ♥ Entertainment - Whether it’s a big band for the end of the night or something fun like hiring a photo booth with a costume box; make sure your guests are never bored.

Now, get the party started!

A great event is one that’s happy and memorable for your guests, whether it’s a work do or a big night out with your mates. At Happy Events Photo Booth we’ve got brilliant products we know will help, so all you need to do is grab a cuppa, put your thinking cap on and let’s get that night out sorted!

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